is the Festival licensed?

Yes the Festival is fully licensed – please do not bring alcohol with you as it will be confiscated and will not be returned and the offending patron(s) may be ejected from the Festival Site / Camp Site for the remainder of the Festival.  Only alcohol purchased from bars at the Festival may be consumed at the Festival Site. 
If you wish to consume alcohol, you must have a valid proof of age photo ID.  You must be of legal age (18 years) to purchase and consume alcohol on the Festival Site.  If you are found supplying or buying alcohol for a Minor you will be evicted from the Festival and may be referred to police.

are pets allowed at the Festival?

No, pets are not allowed into the Festival site.  Guide dogs are, of course, allowed at the Festival site.

I only want to see one particular artist, if they cancel can I get a refund?

The ticket is for the Festival, not the individual artists.  In the very unlikely event that ANY artist cancels, there will be no refunds on tickets except where required by law or in accordance with Live Performance Australia’s Code of Practice for Ticketing of Live Entertainment Events in Australia which is available on their website (www.livepeformance.com.au).

when are the playing times going to be released?

They have been! Check them out here. They will also be available on our CMC Rocks app, more info to come soon. 

will there be ATMs at the Festival?

Yes there are ATMs onsite and EFTPOS is available at the bars, food, merchandise and retail outlets.

where is the Box Office located?

There are two Box Offices onsite.
The Festival Box Office is located at the main Festival entrance; this Box Office is for entry of day patrons who are not camping onsite.
The Camp Site Box Office is located at the main Camp Site entrance; this Box Office is for patrons who are camping onsite.
Both Box Offices will operate from:
    8.00am (AEST) on Thursday 15 March
    9.00am (AEST) on Friday 16 March, Saturday 17 March and Sunday 18 March.

This closes at 8:00pm (AEST) each night.

can I bring a camera?

You can bring a personal digital camera. SLR cameras are okay; professional photography equipment (eg telephoto lenses; any lens over 20cm; any detachable lens) is not okay and will not be allowed at the Festival without Promoter-issued media accreditation.  Festival staff will determine in their discretion whether something is professional photography equipment so if you’re not sure, then we suggest you leave it at home. Photos of artists and/or the Festival are permitted only on the basis that:

  1. images are only used for private and personal use;
  2. mages cannot be made available for sale/for charity and/or public display.

can I bring my own chairs to the Festival Site?

Chairs are allowed except in the semi-circular Chair Exclusion Zone in front of the stage. 
There is no specific rule as to what size chairs need to be, but we suggest you bring a low profile chair. 
Please exercise common sense and ensure that your chair is easily portable and will not cause obstruction. 
The Festival staff will determine in their discretion whether a chair is suitable or if it needs to be moved.

If a chair in the seating area is left unoccupied overnight it will be removed by Festival staff.  You can collect your removed chair from Lost & Found located at the Entry Gate Marquee. 
Any chairs which remain uncollected from Lost & Found or the Festival Site will be given to charity.

are there cloakroom facilities at the Festival?

There are no cloakroom facilities available.
Prohibited Items will be confiscated and will not be returned.
If in doubt, leave at home. 
The Festival is unable to look after anything on behalf of patrons, so please don’t ask or bring anything that can’t be brought into the Festival site.

is there a pensioner or concession ticket available?

No, we only have three ticket categories available: Adult (18+ years), Youth (15-17 years) and Junior (4-14 years).

can i bring food and drinks into the campgrounds

Yes you can bring your own food into the campgrounds. You can bring water, soft drinks etc. You CANNOT bring alcohol.

can I cook at my Camping Spot?

Yes, personal gas cookers are allowed.
Your equipment may be inspected by Camp Site Staff to ensure it is in good working order or to assess any concerns regarding the age, type or use of your equipment. 
It is a condition of using any gas cookers at the Camp Site that you comply with the Guidelines for the Safe Use of Camping Gas Cookers:

  • Please have your cooking equipment serviced before bringing it to the Camp Site.
  • Never light a gas cooker inside your tent or in any other enclosed area.
  • Always take note of the colour of the flame: it should be burning blue.
  • If it's burning with an orange or yellow flame or is creating sooty stains on your stove you may have a problem with your stove so PLEASE DO NOT USE IT.
  • Do not store spare gas canisters inside your tent, mobile home or caravan.
  • If you smell gas or think you have a leak, turn the stove off, evacuate the area and get help from a Camp Site Staff.
  • Never use a naked flame to search for a leak.
  • Empty canisters and aerosols may not be completely empty. When you've removed it from your stove, store it upright outside your tent for a while to allow any gas that may remain to evaporate.
  • Never attempt to refill a gas canister.

is there ample car parking for disabled patrons?

Yes, there is ample parking for disabled patrons. 

will EFTPOS be accepted at the Festival?

Please note that there are EFTPOS facilities available at the bars, food stalls and retailers, but there are no cash-out facilities. There will be ATM machines available onsite for cash withdrawals.

Festival Entry

The main entrance to the CMC Rocks QLD Festival is off Cunningham Highway at Champions Way. Check out the maps here.

will there be First Aid at the Festival?

Yes, there will be a First Aid area – refer to the Festival Map here.
HEST Paramedical Services will be operating at the Festival Site 24 hours a day to assist you with any medical condition you may have.
In the event of an emergency, please make your way to one of the emergency exits and follow the directions from Festival Staff.

what kind of food and drink is going to be sold at the Festival?

There will be an extensive range of food and drink be available for purchase at the Festival Site. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for food updates!

can I bring my esky with food or drinks into the Festival Site?

Willowbank Raceway and its outdoor concert area is a fully catered and licensed venue.
STRICTLY NO BYO FOOD OR BEVERAGE (including water) is to be brought into the Festival Site. 
Free drinking water will be available at the water stations. 
You can bring in unsealed EMPTY plastic bottles or plastic or foam cups.
Any food or beverages confiscated by Festival Staff will not be returned.
Food is allowed into the Camp Site but no alcohol is permitted to be brought into either the Camp Site or the Festival Site.

what sort of shoes do you recommend I wear?  Can I wear steel capped boots?

The Festival Site is grass and bitumen/asphalt underfoot so we recommend you wear comfortable, flat shoes.  You can wear steel capped boots.

what is General Admission?

CMC Rocks QLD 2018 is a General Admission Standing Event.
This means there is no reserved or allocated seating. 
Patrons are able to bring their own chairs.
Chairs are allowed in all areas except in the semi-circular Chair Exclusion Zone in front of the stage.

Lost & Found

Lost something? Check our lost and found page here.
Found something? Please hand it in at Lost & Found (located at the main entry Box Office).

Parking Facilities

Festival Day Parking is onsite and costs $10.00 per day (GST inclusive).

Fee can be paid on arrival.
Overflow Camping Parking costs $25.00 for the duration of the festival (GST inclusive).
Check the festival map for the location.

will pass-outs be allowed?

There are no pass-outs.

my phone takes photos and videos … can I bring it into the Festival?

Yes of course, but we do not endorse the recording by you of any artist performances at the Event.

Are children allowed at cmc?

Yes CMC is an all ages event. Children 3 and under are admitted free to the festival. Children between 4-14 need a Junior ticket to gain entry.

are prams permitted?

Yes - prams are permitted into the Festival Site and the Camp Site. 
Due to the Festival’s sound amplification, we recommend that all small children attending the Festival wear earmuffs.

what can (or can’t) be brought into the Festival?

A full list of all Prohibited Items is set out in the Festival T+Cs

will my bags be searched?

It is a condition of entry to the Festival Site and Camp Site that a search of you and/or your possessions and/or vehicles be required at the time of entry to the Festival Site and Camp Site.  If you do not consent to such searches, you may be denied entry to the Festival Site and Camp Site without refund.
Any Prohibited Items will be confiscated and will not be returned.

is there any seating at the Festival or is it all general admission?

All tickets for the Festival are general admission.

are there buses going to and from the Festival?

Yes, there are shuttle buses to and from the Festival.
Information about public transport options and shuttle buses are here.

can I smoke in all areas of the Festival Site?

There will be designated areas within the Festival Site where smoking is permitted. 
There will be signs to let you know where any smoking areas are located.

can I set up a stall at the Festival grounds?

Stalls are fully booked for 2018. 

when is the latest I can purchase tickets online?

Tickets will be available online until 11:59pm (AEST) on Wednesday 14 March 2018, unless sold out beforehand.

is there a group ticket discount available?

No, unfortunately there are no group ticket discounts available. 
You can buy up to 10 tickets per transaction.

You can buy up to 2 camp sites per transaction in the General on-sale.

if I have a ticketing question, who can I ask?

Please contact Moshtix with any ticketing questions on 1 300 438 849

can I leave the Camp Site in my vehicle?

Absolutely no vehicles brought into the Camp Site (including the Overflow Car Park) are permitted to leave the Camp Site (or Overflow Car Park) under any circumstances until the Approved Departure Time. All vehicles brought onto the Camp Site (or the Overflow Car Park) must remain parked at the designated Camp Spot or Overflow Carpark spot until the Approved Departure Time.  Vehicles are not permitted to be driven around the Camp Site for any reason (this includes ferrying passengers between entry gates and the designated Camping Spot or the Overflow Carpark spot). Approved Departure Time means either of the following:
 10:00pm (AEST) on Sunday 18 March 20181:00am (AEST) on Monday 19 March 2018
6:00am (AEST) on Monday 19 March 201812:00pm (AEST) on Monday 19 March 2018

Breach of this condition may result in your eviction from the Festival Site / Camp Site for the remainder of the Festival. If you are evicted for breach of this condition you will not be entitled to any refund for your Festival Ticket or Camping Ticket. 

can I bring a video recorder?

No, you’re not allowed to bring any video, recording or filming equipment or cameras to the Festival unless you have been given media accreditation by the Promoter.

can I bring an umbrella to the Festival site?

No, umbrellas are not permitted onto the Festival Site.

what happens if it rains?

It is the Promoter's policy to play, rain or shine.  In the case of rain, ponchos will be available for purchase.

is there camping onsite?

Yes, there are four (4) separate camping areas on the Camp Site (Paddock A, Paddock B, Paddock C and Glamping). Full details of the Camp Site are outlined on the Camping Information page of the Festival Website.

will tents be supplied?

There are 4 separate camping areas. In Paddock A, Paddock B  and Paddock C you are required to supply your own accommodation. In Glamping, the tent will be supplied as part of the package.  Please refer to our Camping Information page of the Festival Website to see all available camping options.


are there toilets and showers in the campgrounds??


is there power onsite?

Unpowered: No Small Sites have power available.
Some Medium Sites do not have power available.
Powered: Some Medium Sites have power (15 amps) available.
All Large Sites have power (15 amps) available.
Patrons will need to provide their own extension cord (up to 30 metres in length will be required, depending on the site position) to plug into the Camp Site distribution board. All extension cords must be tested and tagged as per Electrical Testing Standard AS3760.

where is the Camp Site located?

The Camp Site is located on site at Willowbank Raceway.  The Festival stages are not able to be viewed from the Camp Site.

can I book Camping Spots next to each other?

All Camping Spots are allocated by Festival staff on a first come, first served basis.  If you wish to camp with friends, you must arrive together and have purchased the same size Camping Spot (ie Small, Medium or Large) as all Camping Spot sizes are in separate areas.

are waste facilities provided for caravans/mobile homes?

We provide a sewage dump for patrons.
Patrons need to carry their own blackwater/greywater to this tank

is water available in the Camp Site?

There is no capacity to supply water via tap or hose to any Camping Spots.
Patrons need to carry water from one of the amenity blocks.

can I take alcohol into the Camp Site?

The Camp Site is strictly an ALCOHOL FREE ZONE.  Your person, possessions and/or vehicle may be searched and any alcohol found will be confiscated and will not be returned and the offending patron(s) may be ejected from the Festival Site / Camp Site for the remainder of the Festival.

can I park extra vehicles in the Camp Site?

There is a strict policy of one vehicle per Camping Spot (excluding Small Sites which do not permit parking).
Any vehicles for Small Sites or extra vehicles for Medium Sites and Large Sites must proceed directly to the Overflow Carpark where patrons will be required to unload and park their vehicle.  A shuttle service will be provided to transport you and your belongings to the Camp Site.
Please check the website for Overflow Carpark location and shuttle service operating hours.
Please do not proceed to the Camp Site if you do not have a bar-coded Camping Vehicle Pass for your vehicle, as you will not be permitted to enter the Camp Site under any circumstances.


Camp Site Sizes


Option Max Persons Power Size (approx) Car Space Notes
Small Site
(Tents only)
2 people No power 3.5m x 3.5m
1 x tent only
0 x car space
Parking is located behind the small sites
Bring own tent
Medium Unpowered Site
(Tent/Camper Vans only)
4 people No power 6.0 m x 5.0m
1 x tent + 1 x car
1 x tent + 1 campervan
1 x car space Park next to tent Bring own tent
Medium Powered Site
(Tent/Camper Vans only)
4 people Power 6.0 m x 5.0m
1 x tent + 1 x car
1 x tent + 1 campervan
1 x car space Park next to tent Bring own tent + extension lead

Large Site
(Caravan + Mobile Homes)

No stand alone tents or swags are permitted on Large Sites

6 people Power 12.0 m x 6.0 m
1 Caravan + 1 car
1 Mobile Home
1 x car space Bring own extension lead

These sizes set out above are the maximum area that patrons may use for their accommodation and surrounding area.


what is Glamping?

Glamping is where the tent (and some extras, if you choose that option) are supplied, setup and packed down for you.  So you don’t have to bring your own tent.  Glamping patrons will have a designated area and will only be able to camp with friends who have purchased a Glamping site in the Glamping area.  No general camping patrons will be allowed in the Glamping area.

what are the Glamping options?

There are Small Tents (max 2 people) and Medium Tents (max 4 people) available for hire in the Glamping area. Both Tents have two options available:

  1. Tent Only (includes setup and pack up); or
  2. Tent with Extras (including setup and pack up).

The ‘Extras’ are:

  • Single Stretcher Beds (double fold up beds available on request - please call Moshtix on 1 300 438 849)
  • Camp mats
  • 1 x LED lantern

Please note: Linen is NOT supplied! Please bring your own sleeping bag, sheets, pillow, towels etc.


CMC Glamping Option Max Persons Power to Site Size (approx) Car Space Notes
Small Site
(Tents only)
2 people No power 4.5m x 3.0m 0 x car space
Park in Overflow Carpark
Bring your own bed + linen
Small Site
(Tents + Extras)
2 people No power 4.5m x 3.0m 0 x car space
Park in Overflow Carpark
Bring your own linen
Medium Site
(Tents only)
4 people No power 5.1m x 2.7m 0 x car space
Park in Overflow Carpark
Bring your own bed + linen
Medium Site
(Tents + Extras)
4 people No power 5.1m x 2.7m 0 x car space
Park in Overflow Carpark
Bring your own linen

Prohibited Items

Prohibited Items include but are not limited to:

  • Alcohol - any alcohol found at the Festival Site or the Camp Site will be confiscated and the offending patron(s) may be ejected from the Festival Site / Camp Site for the remainder of the Festival.
  • Whips.
  • Glass.
  • Weapons or explosives of any kind (including potential missiles).
  • Illegal substances.
  • Flares, fireworks, sparklers, any fire twirling equipment.
  • Drums.
  • Fires and open flames.
  • Flammable liquids (container / jerry cans with flammable liquids will be confiscated). If it is fuel for your generator, it must be labelled with your details and stored with your closest campsite marshal. 
  • Sound systems.
  • Portable laser equipment and pens.
  • Drones or any other remote flying device
  • Couches.
  • Anything studded (ie belts, wristbands, etc).
  • Audio or video recording devices (including GoPro and similar).
  • Professional photography equipment (eg telephoto lenses; any lens over 20cm; any detachable lens; stands, monopods, tripods, attachment sticks (selfie sticks) or other commercial equipment or anything deemed by Festival staff to be professional photography equipment).
  • Skateboards, scooters, wagons, carts, rollerblades, roller skates, bicycles, quad-bikes, segways, hoverboards, self-balancing scooters or any personal motorised vehicles.
  • Animals (excluding service dogs such as guide dogs and police/emergency service dogs).
  • No unauthorised solicitation and materials including handbills, flyers, stickers, beach balls, give-aways, samples, etc.
  • Any other item deemed to be dangerous or offensive or potentially dangerous by Festival organisers.

Promoter reserves the right to refuse entry to any persons. 

Any persons found to be in possession of Prohibited Items will have those Prohibited Items confiscated and they will not be returned. 

Any persons found to be in possession of illegal substances or participating in illegal activities will be removed from Festival Site / Camp Site and may be referred to the police.

You are responsible for checking all Festival information and ensuring you have purchased the correct Camping Tickets and Festival Tickets for the Festival. No refunds will be processed if you make an error in connection with your ticket purchase.