Market Stall Information

Market Stall Information



CMC Rocks QLD aims to attract Market Stalls that offer a variety of enjoyable, affordable, high-quality goods and services. Each Market Stall should reflect the locally orientated, friendly, and relaxed atmosphere of the festival and it is expected that Market Stalls will feature colourful and festive decoration. 

The festival has food and beverage outlets already onsite and as such, no additional vendors of this nature will be accepted.

application process

You must be the registered and licensed owner and principal operator of the Market Stall for the duration of the festival, including Load-In and Load-Out.  

Application Forms are submitted via the Market Stall Application Form on the CMC Rocks website.

The closing date for Applications is Friday 25 October 2024.


Based on the information provided in each Market Stall Application, we consider the following when making the selection for Market Stalls: 

  • Australian made.
  • Quality, range, and appeal of the product.
  • Diversity and variety across all Market Stalls. 

You must provide us with a thorough description of your Market Stall including brands that you will be selling.  You must include photos of your products and Market Stall set up to support your Application. 

All applicants will be notified of their selection by Friday 15 November 2024, with acceptance required by Friday 29 November 2024.  If successful, you will receive your Market Stallholder Pack in February 2025. 

Please note:  The selection of Market Stalls is at the absolute and sole discretion of CMC management and all decisions are final.  No further correspondence will be entered into with unsuccessful applicants.

terms & conditions


Market Stalls at Willowbank Raceway are located within one specific Market Stall Area. Exact locations will be determined at the discretion of CMC. Based on the Market Stall type, allowances may be made for a Market Stall to be in another area of the Festival Site if CMC deem it (in its discretion) to be more suitable.


CMC Rocks will provide Two (2) x marquees (3m x 3 m). It is at CMC's discretion if only one or both marquees are used as front of house spaces. In the event both marquees are used as front of house spaces, it is the responsibility of the Market Stallholder to get CMC's written permission to bring their own 3m x 3m back of house storage solution. Permission will be subject to available space and the Market Stallholder complying with all installation and WHS requirements.


CMC will create One (1) x Banner Sign for the Market Stall. Each Market Stall must be tastefully decorated in a way that not only reflects the product, but also complements the Festival. There is no room for billboards in the Market Stall Area.  Market Stalls must be always clean and presentable.

market stall boundaries

Boundaries of each allocated Market Stall site must be observed, and all goods, equipment and supplies must be displayed and housed within this area. Market Stalls are not permitted to encroach onto walkways with products or billboards. No spruiking or promoting outside the Market Stall is permitted.


Whilst on the Festival Site, you are required to comply with all Occupational Health and Safety regulations and Festival Site rules. Anything at or around your Market Stall must be securely anchored. All fabric decoration must be flame retardant. Each Market Stall must have a working fire extinguisher and fire blanket.


The Festival Site operates on mains power. To enable CMC to assess energy usage, you are required to include a list of equipment and AMP usage. Energy consumption is to be kept to an absolute minimum.

electrical equipment

You are required to provide your own leads and power-boards fitted with circuit breakers. All your electrical equipment must be:

  • water resistant.
  • maintained aboveground.
  • in safe working order. 
  • tested and tagged by a registered electrician.

There are no exceptions to this requirement.

Any damage caused by electrical over-consumption and/or overload and/or misuse will attract penalties.

If you do not bring your own electrical equipment, there may be an opportunity to rent leads or power-boards from us on a per day hire charge, but availability cannot be guaranteed.

goods sold


Only products and services that are listed on your Market Stall Application are permitted to be sold at the Festival. Market Stalls will not be permitted to stock any products that may be considered a competitor to Festival sponsors. There is a strict requirement that no glass is allowed on the Festival Site so all products must be in non-breakable containers, bottles, etc.  There are no exceptions to this requirement. Certain suppliers may have exclusive rights and restrictions may apply to the goods or services available at each Market Stall. CMC's decision in this regard is final.


CMC reserves the right to prohibit offensive or culturally inappropriate goods from being sold or displayed at the Festival and may at our discretion remove any such goods from a Market Stall if we consider such goods may offend, cause trouble with authorities or infringe the rights of any third party. CMC has absolute discretion and control over any signage, materials, goods and products sold and/or displayed at the Festival. The unauthorised use of the CMC Rocks QLD name and logo is strictly prohibited on any item. The sale of tobacco, cigarettes, e-cigarettes and vapes and all associated items is prohibited.

2025 dates & times


  • Thu 20 March:
    • Load In: 9.00am - 2.00pm
  • Fri 21 March:
    • Load In: 8.00am
    • Stalls Open: 9.15am
    • Stalls Close: 10.15pm
  • Sat 22 March:
    • Load In: 8.00am
    • Stalls Open: 9.15am
    • Stalls Close: 10.15pm
  • Sun 23 March:
    • Load In: 8.00am
    • Stalls Open: 9.15am
    • Stalls Close: 9.30pm


  • Thu 20 March: Not open to public.
  • Fri 21 March:
    • Gates Open: 9.15am
    • Festival Start: 10.30am
    • Festival Finish: 11.15pm
  • Sat 22 March:
    • Gates Open: 9.15am
    • Festival Start: 10.30am
    • Festival Finish: 11.15pm
  • Sun 23 March:
    • Gates Open: 9.15am
    • Festival Start: 10.30am
    • Festival Finish: 10.40pm

CMC Rocks reserves the right to alter any of the Festival Operating Times listed above. 

All Market Stalls are expected to operate for the full duration of the Market Stall Operating Times listed above.

siTe restrictions

Rules for the Festival Site will be provided in your Market Stallholder Pack (issued in February 2025) however please note the following:

  • No vehicles are permitted to access or remain in the Festival Site during Festival operating hours. 
  • No overnight stay in Market Stall structures is permitted. 
  • All Stallholders and their workers must complete the CMC Rocks Online Site Induction (issued in February 2025).
  • Bump in and bump out must take place within the Festival-specified days and times.
  • Deliveries must take place within the Festival-specified days and times.
  • Festival site vehicle speed limit must be observed and adhered to at all times.
  • No amplified music may be played during Festival Operating Times.
  • No pets or livestock are permitted on site at any time (Guide Dogs excluded).

festival access

Market Stallholders will be provided with entry wristbands in the Market Stallholder Pack (issued in February 2025).  

On arrival at the Festival Site, Market Stallholders are provided four (4) Workers Wristbands. 

Additional Workers Wristbands may be available at $100 + GST per Wristband. 

No Market Stall is permitted more than five (5) Workers Wristbands in total. 

All personnel must obtain their Workers Wristband before the start of the Festival. 

It is each Market Stallholder’s responsibility to ensure their personnel receive their Workers Wristbands and always wear them during the Festival.  

Lost Workers Wristbands will not be replaced and Market Stallholders will be required to purchase lost Workers Wristbands at the full gate price.


Please help to conserve precious resources, reduce all retail and bulk packing and/or remove it from the Festival Site and dispose of it correctly.

No glass or bottles are to be used or brought onto the Festival Site.

Several rubbish and recycling bins will be on the Festival Site for use by the public as well as Market Stallholders. 

Garbage must be sorted and removed to the correct skips. Separated garbage is to be left in correct bins each night for collection.


Market Stallholders are required to carry a Public Liability Insurance to the value of at least AUD$20million and must have CMC Rocks Pty Limited (ABN 29 614 691 977) endorsed in the policy as an interested party, indicating coverage until after the Load-Out of the Festival.

All Market Stallholders must cover their workers with a current Work Cover Insurance policy if they are an eligible employer. Copies of all relevant Certificates must be included as part of the Market Stall Application process with any updated policies forwarded to CMC no later than 1 March 2025. It is the responsibility of Market Stallholders to have adequate property damage insurance for their own property at the Festival.


Market Stalls must ensure a safe work environment as per Queensland Safety regulations and must comply with all Festival OH&S Policy and Procedures.

CMC accepts no liability for any Market Stallholder, or Market Stallholder’s employee or contractor. Market Stallholders are personally responsible and liable for any damage caused by them or their personnel to any person or property on the Festival Site.

Market Stallholders are required to always comply with all legislative requirements, regulations, and industry standard codes of conduct and to the maximum extent permitted by law. CMC Rocks Pty Ltd and its associated entities will not be liable for any breaches by Market Stallholders and / or their personnel of any such legislation.


Professional licensed security including night patrols operate 24 hours over the Festival Site (times are varied on Load-In and Load-Out days).  

Market Stallholders may remove stock/equipment each night and it is recommended that Market Stallholders remove all valuables from their Market Stall each night.

Every effort is made to secure the Festival Site, but no responsibility is accepted for loss or damage to any person or goods whether that loss, damage or injury arises from an act or omission of CMC's personnel or contractors.

reportinG & right of access

Market Stallholders report directly to the Market Stall Coordinator and to Festival Management.

CMC and Council Officers reserve the right to inspect Market Stalls at any time and request presentation of all relevant documentation.


There is limited free parking available for Market Stallholders during the Festival. Parking is not directly behind each Market Stall but is in a designated parking area at the Festival Site.  

Confirmation on parking location and number of Vehicles Passes allocated to each Market Stall will be confirmed closer to the Festival. 

It is the Market Stallholder’s responsibility to book their own accommodation. Market Stallholders are not permitted to stay overnight in their Market Stall structure.

market stallhoder fees

Market Stall Fees are 20% of gross revenue collected or credited at the Festival.

The Market Stall Fee covers the market stall infrastructure as described. 

All accounting will be reconciled by Ruth O’Dowd from Rusco Event Management each night and an invoice for commission payable will be issued by Wednesday 26 March 2025.


Market Stallholders are required to maintain a reliable email and mobile connection with CMC in the lead up to the Festival. Delayed response to urgent matters may cause cancellation and/or removal as a Market Stallholder.


If a Market Stallholder wishes to cancel they must provide at least 30 days written notice to CMC via email to:


In the event of a breach of any of the Market Stall Application Terms and Conditions, CMC reserves the right to terminate the Market Stallholder Application immediately and take possession of the Market Stall without notice to the Market Stallholder. CMC reserves the right to cancel or expel any Market Stallholder or Market Stallholders’ personnel at any time.