Great Northern

Established in 1927 in the sunny Queensland city of Cairns, Great Northern Brewing set out to create beer specifically brewed to suit the harsh climate and conditions of the north state. A clean, crisp and most importantly refreshing beer emerged that the locals couldn't get enough of - The Cairns Draught. The brewery then merged with CUB in 1931, becoming CUB's first operational brewery in Queensland before closing in 1992. 2010 was the year of Great Northern Brewing Co - named after the original brewery. This saw the revival of the all too well known marlin logo which originally featured on the now discontinued Cairns Draught. Replicating and enhancing all the local flavours enjoyed by the people in Cairns for years, Great Northern Brewing Co launched it's original lager. Brewed for a longer period of time compared to most lagers, Great Northern Original produces a crisper and more refreshing brew.